Constitutional Amendments

Isaac Riston is running for Pennsylvania's House of Representatives district 169, southwestern York County.

Isaac Riston walking
Isaac Riston door knocking in Hanover, PA
  • You can find out more about Isaac Riston by clicking on the “About Isaac” button.
  • You can donate to the Friends of Isaac Riston PAC through our ActBlue Page by clicking on the “Donate” button.
  • You can find out about Isaac Riston’s positions on issues by clicking on the “Policies” button.
  • If you want to know where Isaac Riston will be door knocking or what events he will be at in the future you can click on the “Where is Isaac?” button. Make sure to look for Isaac’s orange beanie as he walks around southwest York county talking to people about problems they want to see addressed!

Call to Action

The best way to ensure that the Isaac Riston is able to compete for the voters of southwestern York County is by donating your money or time.